Sophicware in the Mix: 05.24.2016

Published: May 24th, 2016
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You are invited to this year's National Day of Civic Hacking June 4th, hosted by the Nashville Software School! Come build some awesome tech using the city Nashville's Open Data!

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Some articles we found interesting...

Forbes: Shotspotter: An Amazing Big Data Use Case To Tackle Gun Crime
One of the most interesting and positive uses I have seen of Big Data and analytics technology is ShotSpotter. The technology, developed by US-based SST Inc., works by effectively analyzing the entire soundscape of a city, and providing real-time alerts when gunfire is detected.

Huffington Post: How Your Web Hosting Can Affect Your Position in the Search Results
I’ve seen some online entrepreneurs and bloggers who take web hosting for granted and go on picking the one that’s cheap into save money. However, the lifeblood of an online website is the web hosting, and one should not be misinformed by the fact that all web servers are the same.

Ars Technica: Four wild technologies lawmakers want NASA to pursue
Imagine a tissue-box sized device, with blades a few feet long, whirring to life after charging for a full Sol on Mars. It then flies ahead of a rover to search for hazards and targets of interest.

New York Times: Twitter to Ease Character Limit, Making Room for GIFs, Videos and More
Today, this article’s 140-character first paragraph forms the entirety of a Twitter post. But this will not be the case for too much longer.

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